Empowering the creator communities to collaborate, build, and own in the truly trustless ecosystem.
Build with Doss
We are breaking the traditional way of creating games with our
Ideate, iterate, and collaborate
Decentralized Autonomous Gaming Studio
Collaborate and build trustlessly. Safe way to collaborate with developers, designers, artists and game entrepreneurs to build games and share revenues of games, assets, designs fairly. Your contributions are on smart contract, no one can manipulate it.
Design, develop, and build
Decentralized Game Engine
Use our powerful SDK’s and plugins integrated with Unity, Unreal Engine to build your games on blockchain. It's super easy and seamless.
How it Works
Step 1: Collaborate
Ideate with other creators, developers, managers and investors to start building the game ideas.
Step 2: Build
Use our seamless SDK’s and plugins to build your games on blockchain. Trust us, it's super easy and safe.
Step 3: Publish
Start publishing your games on our gaming app in a single click.
Step 4: Earn fairly
That's all, your game is live and every creator will earn fairly who has contributed to the project.
How it Works
  • Join and collaborate with a community of designers, developers, and gaming enthusiast
  • Track and improve your game’s performance through real-time analytics.
  • Develop, launch, share and earn on a trustless platform
  • Watch your games thrive without relying on third parties!
  • Step into Web3, with ease!